Cartoon Networks 20th Birthday Cake!

Or why I have not slept since Friday. I delivered this cake to the Cartoon Network's 20th birthday party held in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, October 1st.  And check out the comments on Cartoon Networks FB page, there are many and inspired fans! You can read about the birthday party after the break below.

And one blurry picture to give you an idea of the scale of this cake! This cake is massive! And massively delicious!

Some fun facts about this cake.
  • it was 4.5 feet tall
  • it was able to serve 1,500 people
  • it took me a full nine days to complete the cake
  • it needed 140 pounds of icing
  • 87.5 pounds of sugar
  • 80.5 pounds of flour
  • 302 eggs
  • 42 pounds of butter
  • the interior was yellow cake with vanilla butter creme
Cartoon Networks 20th Birthday