Curve Magazine

I hope you had a sweet Halloween. Here is a sneak peak at the new issue of Curve Magazine. It has not been posted online yet, but I wanted to give ya'll a look. You can pick up the analog version wherever they sell magazines these days (B&N, Powell's, The Strand). I will post links as soon as they become available... 

You can also view this here!

Karen Portaleo on Food Network Cake Challenge-Beauty And The Beast

I found a clip from the Beauty And The Beast episode of Food Network's Cake Challenge. I was assisting the lovely and talented Joshua John Russell. Joshua did an amazing job on his first big cake sculpture. I don't want to spoil the ending, but...

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Please visit the

Food Network

site for episodes to DVR, or watch. And tell them you want to see more!

Orangutan Cake Sighting at Zoo Atlanta!

The Highland Bakery participated in an event to benefit Zoo Atlanta called Jazzoo. The event helps support Zoo Atlanta's Great Ape program. So what could I make with this much coconut cake made? Soaked in coconut milk and rum? As the title may suggest, I bet it has something to do with Orangutans. Well let's see...

I believe this jazzy little rat is playing When The Saints Go Marching In after getting caught!

Why yes, the frosting is banana butter cream!

Cartoon Networks 20th Birthday Cake!

Or why I have not slept since Friday. I delivered this cake to the Cartoon Network's 20th birthday party held in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday, October 1st.  And check out the comments on Cartoon Networks FB page, there are many and inspired fans! You can read about the birthday party after the break below.

And one blurry picture to give you an idea of the scale of this cake! This cake is massive! And massively delicious!

Some fun facts about this cake.
  • it was 4.5 feet tall
  • it was able to serve 1,500 people
  • it took me a full nine days to complete the cake
  • it needed 140 pounds of icing
  • 87.5 pounds of sugar
  • 80.5 pounds of flour
  • 302 eggs
  • 42 pounds of butter
  • the interior was yellow cake with vanilla butter creme
Cartoon Networks 20th Birthday

Mother Of Cakes Sign up information

Just a short note to let everyone know that a second class has been added to the schedule at Mother Of Cakes Sugar and Cake Academy. While you are there, please look through the pictures from the last class. Although it will be difficult to top the last class, hope springs eternal. Details for the January 13th 2013 event and sign up information at the link below.

Mother Of Cakes- 2nd class added!